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How to handle perfume and deodorant stains

Looking good and smelling nice go hand in hand. It’s normal to spray perfume on your clothes.

From experience, I have discovered that for formal
light colored shirts , spraying perfumes at close contact on your clothes leaves yellow stains that become visible when it comes in contact with soap and water.

Little wonder most people don’t know until they get their clothes laundered.  Doing this consistently leaves a permanent stain on the cloth.

Perfume stains are a bit difficult to remove a possible solution is to stop spraying at close contact and regular washing will fade off the stain.

Spraying a perfume  should be done at a distant so that the mist spreads and lands as tiny droplets on your cloth.

Now to deodorant stains:

You may have noticed the yellowish  stains whitish powdered stains in the underarm areas of your clothes.

A chemical reaction forms from sweat and deodorant that may result into these stains.

There is a solution to avoid this type of stain on your cloth.

1. Always allow your deodorant to dry properly before dressing fully.

2.  Check your deodorant type. Not all leaves a stain on your cloth.

3. For men wear an inner shirt for men. This will protect your main shirts from staining.

4. Pay attention to cleaning the underarm areas of your cloth. There are stain removers available to do this easily.

Prevention is actually better than cure. Pay attention to what is suitable for you.

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