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How to increase the life span of your clothes

One of the ways to make your clothes last longer is to always rotate them.
There is a tendency to only wear the first item you come across in your closet.

The clothes at the back of the closet may never see sunshine because they have been abandoned all because you don’t rotate your clothes.

Clothes worn too often will undergo wear and tear as a result of frequent usage.

Find below the steps to help rotate your clothes.

1. Organize your closet:
Arrange your clothes in such a manner that all items can be seen at a glance.

2. Place similar clothing together:

While organizing your closet in the first step make sure you put like clothing in the same place for example trousers, shirts, jackets, etc.

3. Use hangers and cloth dividers.

Hangers help to keep your clothes smooth and also give your closet an organized look.

4. Take stock of your clothes:

Know what you have, this will help you create a schedule on clothes rotation.

5. Have a weekly cloth schedule:

Create a schedule of when to wear any of the items you have taken stock of, that way you can rotate wearing your clothes.

6. Schedule laundry

Have a schedule for your laundry time which could be done at home or given to your dry cleaner. You can gather a week’s clothing for laundry and once that is done, it is kept till all other batches of clothes are worn and laundered.

In summary, our objective is to increase the life span of your clothes through cloth rotation.  Applying these steps will contribute to keeping your clothes alive.

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