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How to care for your white cloths

White items of clothing are one of the most sensitive and delicate color clothes that require extra care.

Your white clothing will attract and reveal dirt and stains faster than any colored cloth. If you are going to get dirty choose another color.

The way you handle them will determine how they will look in the long run. Everyone likes their white clothing looking sharp and bright.

Things you need to do.

1. Care label:

Follow care label instructions for washing your whites. This will guide you on how to handle your whites and get the best result.

2. Wash whites in hot water.

To keep your whites looking white, wash them in the hottest possible water the fabric can take indicated on the care label. From experience it makes your whites clothes come out whiter.

3.Rinse out all soap residue:

Ensure to use only the appropriate amount of soap and rinse out completely all soap residue. If not when it comes in contact with heat from a pressing iron it can make your white dull and give it yellow patches.

4.Dry white clothing under the sun.

The ultraviolet rays from the sun is a natural whitening agent. It has a bleaching effect on your white clothing while drying.

5. Wear your whites once :

You need to exercise caution and be very careful with the way you wear your whites. Wear them once to avoid accumulating dirt and stains from various wear.

6. Wash after every wear:

Do not leave your white clothes dirty for too long before washing.  It is best to wash immediately so that stains and dirt don’t set in making it difficult to clean.

7. Store in a cool and dry place:

Most times we see these instructions on containers but it applies to our clothes too.
Make sure it is not damp before storing it in the closet. Ensure your closet is dry, not humid to avoid mold and mildew.

I intentionally left out the use of bleach. In my opinion, the proper use of bleach requires professional care. I have seen white clothes turn yellow and brown because it was not used properly. Checking care labels is important. Even some white clothes have instructions of DO NOT USE BLEACH. Be extra careful if you choose to use it.

White signifies purity and cleanliness. Handle it with care.

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