Kleenwash Laundry & Dry Cleaning 

30, Iletumi Street Surulere Lagos

Mon.-Sat. 8am to 6pm

kleenwash in the
City of Lagos

Professional & Commercial laundry . We got you!
Allowing us do your laundry is cost effective so that you can focus on your core business

Brief History

Kleenwash laundry and drycleaners was established in January 2010. Born out of passion  and a desire to provide quality cleaning services to clothes.We offer convenience to our customers with our free pick up and delivery service around Surulere  and Yaba environs.

Our staff are trained to measure up with up to date industry standard  procedures. We understand fabricare and what it entails to ensure we deliver the best service.

We follow a dream and an aim to serve our customers in a way that far exceeds expectation. Being one of the leading laundry service providers, we know our customers’ mindset. It is not easy to come home from a hectic day at the office and rush to the nearest laundry service with your clothes. So, we have an array of services to make things easy for you. You need not tolerate late deliveries, low standard of work merged with high prices. Our services cater to all your laundering and ironing, dry cleaning, shoe repairs, upholstery cleaning, etc. Our highly efficient employees ensure you face no difficulty, the technology we use is state of the art and the service we provide is incredibly good.

We offer smart solutions to meet your commercial laundry needs. Our pick up and delivery laundry service is fast, convenient, and saves you time and money.

Our Operators

Customer Service Team

We put our customers first

Sorting & Washing Team

Detailed at work

Ironing & Packaging Team

We follow your preference

Our Approach

We approach our work professionally with a goal to help our customers save time, money and get more personal things done. Clients benefit from consistent service delivery and quality control as well as more efficient use of their operational and financial resources.

Our commitment to serving you is second to none

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timely meeting your need.

Why Choose Us

Customer Feedback

We listen to our customers and give personalized experienced


Best Staff/Experts

Affordable Pricing

Prices that suits your pocket is one of our USP. An option of choosing between 2 types of pricing is available


Express Delivery

Get your cloths delivered to you in time


Regular updates of your order, to help you keep a track of your laundry and plan accordingly.



With just a tap of a button, your laundry gets done, giving your leisure time to spend with family and friends.



Best customer service
HR Manager
Value for money
Kenny. A

Enjoy the best customer

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